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Your One-Stop Solution Center for Reliable, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly Liquid Transportation
We are experts in transporting and handling a wide range of liquid cargoes, from hazardous chemicals to food-grade products, utilizing our tank containers produced in accordance with international quality standards.
Integrated Logistics Solutions
We are working our hardest to be a reliable business partner to all of our customers by providing efficient and effective integrated logistics solutions.
International Transportation
Discover all about our international transport services.
Domestic Transportation
Discover our domestic liquid transportation services in every region of Türkiye.
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Discover our tank container leasing and sales services.
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Discover our tank container heating and storing services.
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News from Us
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We were guest of the Business World Program with Özlem Yıldız
Tio Logistics has earned the Green Logistics Certificate.
The interview with TIO Logistics CEO Pınar Uysal, titled "The Profession Has No Gender" is featured in the 30th issue of UTIKAD Magazine.
TIO Logistics has provided sponsorship Support to Edirne Genç Aslanlar Football Club
TIO Logistics has launched its green logistics initiative.
UTIKAD Women Focus Group Members Attended the World Women's Day Event Organized by Büyükçekmece Minicipality
We were present at the TURKCHEM Fair held at CNR EXPO